A Situation That Was Fucked From The Beginning As In You Never Really Had A Chance
Karen Told Rob She Had An STD Before They Had Sex It Was A Shituation From The Get Go
by Siikwithasmile September 13, 2010
A situation in which only dialogue that can vocalized is, "SHIT."
In other words, a very unfortunate and unpreferable situation to be in.
1) A: "Crap man, last night my girlfriend caught me in a threesome."
B: "Dude, you're in one hell of a shituation."

2) A: "My dear fellow, I just slew a many of elderly women mistakingly placing large quantities of vicodin within their servings of jello!"
B: "Thou oust within a shituaution."
by orangepuddin9807 May 20, 2010
A really bad situation that looks to only get worse
"Have you heard the latest about Holly?"
'Nah. What now?'
"She's got herself knocked up after that orgy and has no idea who's it is - wouldn't want to be in her shituation"
by jimsweirdnakedindianfriend November 29, 2009
a really bad situation,the word speaks for itself
person 1:oh wow i just heard billy is gunna get beat up by rick today,and he's only 5'2.

person 2: damn, thts a hell of a shituation
by rawrface29 August 15, 2009
a shitty situation
Jack: Hurry Up... I'm trying to avoid a shituation..

Sherry: I'm going as fast as I can, you will just have to hold it a little longer

Jack: Hurry, i have the RUNS....
by GBoy81 June 28, 2009
1.) A situation that can best be described as shitty
2.) A situation marked by disorganization and confusion
3.) A situation caused by an epic fail
Girl 1: I think he gave me VD.
Girl 2: Damn, what a shitsuation

Guy 1: Dude, why is there no beer at your party!
Guy 2: You were supposed to bring it
Guy 1: I thought you were bringing the booze.
Guy 2: This is a real shituation
by JRH2286 July 30, 2009
A situation gone bad having to do with shit in one way or the other. Please see examples below where one would use shituation appropriately.
1) Can we please hurry home? I am about to shit my pants. We have a real SHITUATION on our hands.

2) Someone shit on the coats! What, I hope it wasn't my coat. Who is responsible for this SHITUATION?
by JSilverado83 October 16, 2007
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