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n.: a bad situation, 2.: a dramatic, usually negative happening resulting in utter shit in one's life.
Having GW in office sure is a shituation for da nation.
by You Need a Breath Mint! November 12, 2003
3623 659
When a comedy act is so bad, he makes your food taste like he took a shit in it.
*watching the Donald Trump Roast*
Randy: Man, what a shituation.
Darty: Yeah man, I can't eat this rice, it tastes like shit now. Thanks a lot, Shitch.
by Randiforous March 16, 2011
245 90
a verry shitty situation
"Fuck! My boyfriend just found out that i am cheating on him!!!"

"Wow, that is a big shituation..."
by whichmonaneyy February 05, 2008
151 88
How Sean Connery pronounces the word 'situation'.
"What'sh the shituation, M?
by Tony Z May 03, 2008
210 150
a very bad situation
-"we got a shituation here"
-"why what happend"
-"someone cloged the toilet"
by nikolam August 07, 2008
56 15
The circumstance that arises when a baby's poop is so explosive that it transcends the bonds of the diaper. May be exacerbated by the flailing tyke's tendency to "spread the news" with involuntary arm and leg motion. Usually demands the attention of multiple adults.
Some shituations can only be properly addressed with a garden hose.
by Kurt Merkle April 27, 2006
113 93
A situation that sucks. You can't do anything about's just a shitty situation
-I'm sorry we can't hang this weekend
-I know, it really is a shituation!
by Moose@Duck December 10, 2009
25 8