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When you act like boyfriend girlfriend but you're not actually. it also sometimes does lead to boyfriend girlfriend potencial.
We're not together, we're just DEALING.
by KIKI December 05, 2004
Used to describe a professional pitcher when he is throwing filthy pitches that the batters aren't even close to hitting.
Roy Halladay was dealing the other day when he struck out 12 Yankees over 9 innings.
by DLIV April 16, 2010
When two people are together but are unsure of their relationship.
"Are you two going out?"
"I'm not sure yet, we're dealing right now..."
by twofaces September 04, 2008
v., Retail selling or distribution of narcotics or other substances outlawed by government, see dealer.
You want some skag, talk to Chip, he's dealing.

Chip got busted for dealing.
by idunnit October 28, 2004
the art of going out with some one.. you chopped them and now you're dealing
yo im dealing with this down as bitch you
by sim1 December 09, 2002
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