a act of sex or engaging in sexual activity
"hey did susie give u some shimmy last night?"
"no but your mum sure did yum yum"
#sex #sexual #big hairy willy basher #lick out #bj
by josh greenfield June 05, 2007
Top Definition
a quick shuffle of the lower torso (mainly botty) in a humerous and suprisingly entertaining fashion.
Also used as a description of a person, mainly camp and flamboyant
'shimmy darlin, shimmy!'

'hey shimmy! how are ya?'
by shimmy January 18, 2004
The definition of shimmy is when a woman with big enough breasts shakes her torso along with her breasts and shoulders from side to side causing her breasts to shake in erotic motion.The word shimmy was a word most used during the 1920s when shimmying was more popular.
1)Do the shimmy! You've got big titees! :D
2)I wish I could do the shimmy but I've only got A's.
3)It's pretty sad my boy friend can do the shimmy but I can't.
Just think how that works out!
#shimmy #boobs #dance #freak #shake
by mon123 May 02, 2006
To shimmy; To climb up something using ones arms and shins, or to perform a trick during a football match (known as soccer in deprived countries such as the U.S., where they only play non-contact sports) where the performer feints to move in one direction while taking the ball in another direction. p.s. sports where the player uses a helmet or padding are classed as non contact.
The crackhead shimmied up the drainpipe into the open window on the first floor.
He wants to shimmy the defender.
Peter Crouch shimmied past the Ecuadorian defender. It resembled an iceskating giraffe.
#shimmy #shimmie #feint #dummy #trick
by El Watusi June 28, 2006
the motion that the lower torso takes when removing a pair of sweatpants.
Gino removed his sweatpants in a shimmy motion.
by Anonymous October 31, 2002
booty, ass
"shimmy shimmy ya, ohhh baby i like it raw" -ODB, Wu-Tang
by drew December 25, 2003
A song by System of A Down.
shimmy, shimmy, shimmy till the break of dawn! YEAH!
#soad #system of a down #toxicity #song #1337
by oberchode March 07, 2006
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