an asian who has to hold his eye lids open to be able to see. Also being very small and weak and who doesn't have any style.
What is with shimmy over there? I keep waving to him but he can't see me.
by John McGough May 29, 2008
Verb: To shit on a mummy

Noun: A really dirty mummy
"Me and Rob are the shimmy masters!" "The museum was fun before someone shimmied all over" "The retirement home is full of a bunch of shimmies with bad hips"
by Androsscity January 15, 2007
Short for "Shampoo Immunity". It is when shampoo can be used for lube in anal stimulation of the prostate without it burning.
Damn man, that guy has shimmy. I still have to use KY or conditioner.
by Raven July 19, 2004
1. An insult to one's behavior, intelligence, strength, or perserverance, if any.
2. To tell someone off by stating facts.
1. "Oh my god, you are beyond shimmy, you didn't know what we were talking about!"
2. "You are one fat shimmy!"
by CJ September 08, 2004
A She-male - appears to be a woman but has a penis.
Frankie got caught looking a picture of a shimmy by his wife, and has never heard the end of it.
by Chuck Deaz December 28, 2005
Antoine Walker. Crazy guy in the post and has a good 3 pointer. now back with boston celtics (possibly the best team in the league)
walker works his way into the post, and lays it in over shaq and boston takes a 100 point lead over miami. He shimmies all the way into front court
by Jermaine Terrell-Jacques March 23, 2005
The name of the coolest person alive
Shimmy is the coolest person alive.
by Shimmy February 16, 2005

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