A cute and subtle replacement for curse words!
Oh shimmy...I didn't mean to do that!
by chiwawamama July 14, 2009
to dance in a suggestive way
"Jenna was shimmying all over the dance floor last night!"
by Scu Badiver March 10, 2009
Going out with your friends and having a crazy, wake up the next morning with insane stories, and looking at pictures from the night before asking when was that?...kinda night!
You dont try for the shimmy to happen, it just does and when it does you just go with it!
1. Were gettin shimmy tonight!
2. Are you ready to get crazy...Shimmy style!?!
3. Last night was a very shimmy night!
by The coolest person ever! June 03, 2006
to achieve such an orgasmic sensation, that ones pussy quivers
Did you see that guy? He made me shimmy.
by mark099 December 31, 2007
verb - to move ones arse, pronto
shimmy yer arse o'er there young'un
by annie December 29, 2003
walking. when you have your "shoes" on you have your "shims" on.
walking with your shoes on is "shimming" it. or "shimmy" over here.
by ladybug***** July 09, 2010
can be used as a sexualy position also may be used as a dance move to attract the female speices
When you grab a womans legs and sped them nice and wide lean foward on a 45% angle and insert your mouth into there vagina shaking your lips vigourusly from side to side we love to shimmy!!!!
by Rambo Lil Rambo mitchy April 11, 2009

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