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A pet name/nickname for somebody you care deeply for.
"She/He's my darlin"
"Hey Darlin"
"Darlin Darlin my true love come a swoopin like a dove"
by bizz-eth March 23, 2005
a word used to define ones politeness to a woman in the south.
hey darlin, how are you today?
by Trent April 20, 2004
In Glasgow the term is often used by guys to refer to an attractive girl who they feel is good looking enough to sleep with.
D: look at her with the short skirt on, isnt she a darlin?

B: yeah, id nail her anyday!
#darling #darlin' #slag #babe #girl #pretty #gorgeous #hot #tart
by 8Alex8 October 22, 2008
A gorgeous guy whose lips with one kiss could take your breath away.
"That guy, with the sexy lips is a Darlin."

"No one can compare to that Darlin!"

"His lips are so sweet, he must be a Darlin"
#lips #darlin #sweet #sexy #guy
by toooorie April 29, 2010
A term of endearment used by Angie to describe Travis.
"Horses darlin, horses."
#sweets #fidgi #that guy #it #dearest
by Kitts April 17, 2006
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