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A combination of Fuck and Sweet. I got tired of having to say fucking sweet so I combined them and arrived at "Fucksweet" Greatest conjunction ever.
"Dude, Metal Gear Solid 3 is FUCKSWEET!"
by Testas22 December 23, 2004
Mad-Whoa is used primarily to guage the number of experience points give by any sort of monster in an RPG. Can also be used to show the size of any noun. Originated from Kingdom Hearts session with a friend who shouted "THose Heartless give out EXP like Mad-Whoa"
"Whoa, the Final Guards give out experience like mad-whoa!"

That chick is sportin' LBs like mad whoa!"

"Dude, that was like mad-whoa"

by testas22 May 14, 2005
A corpulent sort of male or female that regularly wears large, velvety pants prone to splitting, even tho on a normal sized ass they would look as if one were wearing some sort of tent.
"Dude, hide your curly fries, buttertroll on you six."
by Testas22 April 25, 2005
The act of rapidly zipping and unzipping ones pants along with two or more people. Last one "Shimmying" is the big, fat winner.
"I damn near ripped my foreskin off during an intense Shimmying session!"
by Testas22 April 25, 2005

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