can be used as a sexualy position also may be used as a dance move to attract the female speices
When you grab a womans legs and sped them nice and wide lean foward on a 45% angle and insert your mouth into there vagina shaking your lips vigourusly from side to side we love to shimmy!!!!
by Rambo Lil Rambo mitchy April 11, 2009
to achieve such an orgasmic sensation, that ones pussy quivers
Did you see that guy? He made me shimmy.
by mark099 December 31, 2007
is when you are caught in the act of thumbing your butt hole by your parents/guardian
I walked in on my son shimmying himself!
by doe jine January 14, 2009
a vest - undergarment: slang taken from the word 'chemise'.
A rhyme my Dad used to sing when I was young:
'As I fell in the box of eggs,
All the yellow ran down me legs.
Ecky Jimmy,
I lost me shimmy
And 'alf the leg of me drawers.'
by Woman in Black May 28, 2004
To avoid work or to dodge responsibility
Joe really shimmied out of that task
by Gary March 30, 2005
a shimmy is an ecstasy pill. they are only known as shimmies to townies. why do they call them this? fuck knows.
townie1-" i fully reckon this shimmie was worth it fer £1.50"
townie2-"fuckin' 'ell aye t' tha max chief!"
by claustrophobic sting August 07, 2003
I reponse to discribe a moment of somthing thats either "cool"; "going down"; "lets go" or :"getty-up"
-Hey dude you want to roll?
-Dude, I got a sack
by Big Easy March 31, 2003

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