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shea is the most amazing brown haired girl you could ever meet. her eyes are brown/hazell sorta and her lips are amazing..she is the best girlfriend a guy could ever have. you never want to lose this girl. you should always keep her by your side and make sure you never make the mistake of losing her.. keep in mind when you have a shea she might have friends you would want to meet . but always stick with shea. shea might seem very curious and she could get jealous a lott but you know you love her annd once you lose her you cant ever turn back.
shea is an amazing girl..dont leave her for another.
by butthilo September 08, 2009
the act of doing olympic-like moves in the bedroom
my wife pulled a shea when she swung around the bed post and landed right on Mr. Woinker.
by katelyn March 10, 2005
High on the cool factor scale.
ie. " So Shea right now
.... "
" Take it face value she's hella Shea"
by LJPS July 30, 2008
Shea's are generally great people. They are high energy when around their peers, but can loose energy rapidly when isolated. When talking to a Shea you are usually going to be the listener. In phone conversations they can be overbearing, and dominate the conversation. Leaving you to say nothing but the ocational "yeah". When listening, Shea's will listen briefly and comment then continue with some other issue of theirs before you're finished. They are quite loveable, besides their uncanny ability to control a conversation. Shea's are great performers, although they wont believe you when told. They always have a glowing appearance and good makeup. If you are fortunate enough to know a Shea, you will have to answer phone calls at 3 in the morning, but will have a friend for life.
Joan: "That girls an awesome singer!"
Mark: "Yeah. Don't tell her though. She will only think your lying. That's Shea."
by Texaaaas1985 August 05, 2009
Blond Shea's happen to be pretty kick ass.They normally have really nice figures and beautiful eyes. She will be very good looking. She will be really outgoing. Most Shea's care a lot about animals and the environment! Some of them care about the way they look. If you get the chance to know a Shea honor that moment. Love her, Cherish her! She will be one of a kind! Shea's happen to be the sweetest of all people. She will live her life to the absolute fullest, but still worries way too much. Shea's LOVE to talk.
Shea. dsjfshdfjknsd:)
by Ryann kirlangitis July 14, 2009
The most gorgeous lovely person in the world. Happens to be my name. Better than the definition of wendy which is highly unflattering and wrong.
Shea is the greated girl to ever have a crush on.
by Shea April 06, 2005
olympic-like moves in the bedroom
last night my wife pulled a shea when she leaped from the bedpost and landed right on Mr. Bigdog
by Shea February 23, 2005
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