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Girls, girlfriends, and anything female from birth.
Eve was a gift from God to Adam.
by Gerhard D. May 07, 2006
any hot chick that likes u back...or at least will fuck you.
i fucked my gift from god all night.
by seximee21 May 09, 2006
Free will. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this. It is arguably one of our greatest gifts.
I am writing something using my own terminology (words).
This is an example of creative expression, which is one of the many (countless) forms that free will takes.
This is how I use my gift from god.
by Ice Burg July 10, 2006
hope the greatest strength and the greatest weakness of mankind.
I hope I survive.
I hope America wins the war.
the gift from god is hope.
by godzilla19892 August 11, 2008
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