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A girl who is beautiful
Katie shea is a girl who is beautiful
by Parker February 02, 2005
The greatest being to ever step foot on th planey. Also happens to be a singer, whoe enjoys long walks on the beach. Sipping smoothies, he likes to listen to every word his partner has to say.
There's nobody like Shea.
NOTE: there is no such thing as Shea.
by Nick Theodoss May 07, 2003
a gorgeous girl that has beautiful blond hair and stunning green eyes and a smile that will light light up the room. At first shes shy but once you talk to her she opens up. Sheas are so sweet all the time and will love you for you and not what you have. She will be with you no matter what and she can always manage to make you smile even when your in the worst of moods. Sheas are AMAZING kissers and when your with her you feel loved, you feel like its just you and her and nothing else in the world matters. She is the girl you can never a ford to let go....shes to amazing. Sheas are loyal and never cheat and they keep their promises. And they make you feel loved. shell make you feel like your the happiest person in the world, because she is the most amazing girl in the world.
i love shea
by panthers77 January 13, 2011
man with extremely large penis who can pleasure a woman like no other man could ever imagine. very sexy and hilarious and usually makes a lot of money
my husband was going total Shea last night
by chosen three December 30, 2011

Great and funny lad that is always there for you.
Always bubbly and always smiling... This is just shea
Shea Fun loving
by jodie green 47 October 24, 2012
Being uncontrolably awsome at everything and randomly saying yeh buddy.
Friend: Man when u did that hot chick i was like wow what a shea move.

Guy doing a shea: yeh buddy
by AnarchyUK_ January 17, 2012
A little hoe that flirts with everyone she meets. She likes dick in her ass and she has a really bad camel toe
Wow that girl is a Shea
by Geoduck yourself June 30, 2014