love of the mets
jeff wants to quit his job in order to shea all day
#mets #new york #nyc #yankees suck #mr met
by j.h.allen September 12, 2008
A flirty girl who acts really slutty she acts slutty by putting up pictures of herself with a tan line on her boobs just so people will notice
dude that girls such a Shea
#slut #flirty #acting #non-cool #slutty
by hahaha69696 August 24, 2010
The unit or measure for gayness
Oh man when you pranced that was like 50 sheas.

Ya well when you took it up the ass that was like 200 sheas!
#gay #homosexual #unit #measure #jordan risko
by BILLYJOSEXMACHINE January 15, 2009
One who goes out with a girl through the help of some of his friends. and then abandons them, becomes and asshole and too arrogant.. He then procceeds to act like he's better than everyone else.
Whoa.. that guys got 3 houses.. kinda reminds me of shea.

Dude, ever since he went out with Jess hes been such a shea.
by discovery leads to failure November 06, 2003
v. One who manhandles his girlfriend.
Stop Sheaing your girl man.
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
Reference to any horrible short creature, found in any visual media, TV, Movies, and especially video games. Like those little monkey things on Castlevania, or that short guy in Island Of Dr Moreau. There is a Shea in every existing form of visual media.
DUDE!! Did you see that Shea?!
by T and R March 26, 2003
math teacher who enjoys p days.
There is only one shea.
by tom anderson June 12, 2003
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