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A freak who laughs to much
What a Shea STFU
by BXXXV February 01, 2009
n. 1. One who walks around wearing his earphones and listining to music on his MP3 player, completly ignoring everything. 2. One who flaunts his wealth.
1. Dude, that guy is listining to his MP3 player like Shea.

2. Dude that guy's cell phone is so expensive, he must be shea.
by unknown November 10, 2003
a skanster working at usagencies.
Don't be so sheafull.
by The real lil mama June 29, 2009
v. to shea, the act of playing a single game and making fun of every other game without actually playing them. when the sheaer does play the game, he/she continues to put down the game, thereby decreasing fun. see smacktard. also sheaing, sheaer, shaed
dude, dont shea C&C.
by crazyivan315 June 17, 2003
a half assed institution (meaning scarlett heights entrepreneurial academy), located in the heart of toronto in which the faculty keeps their students refrigerated during winter. 600 of the 850 students are of the somalian/jab background, making it hard to keep your eyes open. I can barely find a computer in the computer lab to post this definition and I've got about 60 other somalians in a lineup to check their meet me in t.o and blackplanet accounts.
The somalian from rexdale attends SHEA, i think his name is Abdukaki Ibrahim.
by shea_decay October 13, 2004
to love the D more than gay guys to be soo gay even gay guys call you a fag!
shea loves the d sooooo much its his life.
by princess tina June 14, 2010
A flirty girl who acts really slutty she acts slutty by putting up pictures of herself with a tan line on her boobs just so people will notice
dude that girls such a Shea
by hahaha69696 August 24, 2010