hot as fuck will marry a guy named Blake and makes any guy wet if they see her face
Hot ,beautiful ,amazing, Shea
by give December 06, 2013
a crazy and wild bitch ...that you'll love , cause she sexy af and got a hawt bod and she does some crazy shit . did i mention their gorgeous cause shea's are gorgeous
: yo, shea is hawt af

: ik rite
by coolkidsneverdie April 20, 2016
Bitch girl, slut, listens to metal, cuts herself, and just plain wants to shoot up her school.
There's the bitch Shea
by aydenhayden July 04, 2016
A real broon, someone capable of smoking large amounts of marijuana at any given time. Someone usually possessing this name is an outstanding blunt roller.
Shea must be high or in the process of rolling a blunt .
by Real Broon April 08, 2016
a robot
tina: shea is so weird
gin: ya shes a total robot
by gabz_now133 February 19, 2015
A Shea is a attention needing girl. She will do anything to be in the spotlight. She is also very organized.
Shea bleached her skin so she can be the lead in the school play.
by Hater329 October 09, 2011
Shea (Shāy) : (v) to Shea is to do something quickly and accurately with excellent craftsmanship.

(n) douchebag
ex1: Person A: *finishes assignment quickly*
Person B: You Shea'd the shit out of that!

ex2: Person A: He is such a douchebag.
Person B: Yeah, he is such a Shea.
by Megshia December 05, 2010
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