hot as fuck will marry a guy named Blake and makes any guy wet if they see her face
Hot ,beautiful ,amazing, Shea
by give December 06, 2013
A little hoe that flirts with everyone she meets. She likes dick in her ass and she has a really bad camel toe
Wow that girl is a Shea
by Geoduck yourself June 30, 2014
A Shea is a attention needing girl. She will do anything to be in the spotlight. She is also very organized.
Shea bleached her skin so she can be the lead in the school play.
by Hater329 October 09, 2011
Shea (Shāy) : (v) to Shea is to do something quickly and accurately with excellent craftsmanship.

(n) douchebag
ex1: Person A: *finishes assignment quickly*
Person B: You Shea'd the shit out of that!

ex2: Person A: He is such a douchebag.
Person B: Yeah, he is such a Shea.
by Megshia December 05, 2010
Shea's may come across nice at first, but just wait for those bitches to stab you in the back. They are poor and frankly, stupid. Shea's will suck up to anyone and are the most annoying mother fuckers you will ever meet. Their voice will make you gag and their cow face will certainly break mirrors. The large plump stomach that over hangs all of the ugly clothes they wear will barely fit through the doorway. Shea's LOVE food. They talk about getting fit, but always eat like a fat fuck and tell everyone that they do so. Shea's have no shame. They ask for thing from other people like food (Of course), money (To buy food) and clothes because Shea's aren't very good at maintaining their expenses. Shea's have disgusting hair, with anything from dandruff to lice and their hairstyles always suck because they never take the time to look presentable in the morning. Shea's have a disgusting house and bedroom so don't plan on sleeping over unless you want roaches crawling on your face. Shea's tr

y to fool everyone with their smiles and annoying laughs, but really, they are just ugly, stupid, good for nothing, fat fucks that need a reality check because they are getting NOWHERE in life acting the way they do.
Ew! Look at Shea. A third grader called, she wants her shirt back.

Her chin's chin's chin is showing... ew!
by ShallWeBone April 30, 2014
A huge, grosteque monster who lives on a farm and drives a tractor. she loves to talk about some stupid ass shit and it gets really funking annoying at times. although she is ugly as fuck she is fucking sexy when she lifts her arm up and you see her arm pit hair. and something waves back at you from the hairy ass pits of death. also she has soooooooo many rolls on her back it look like a face and forms the body of gabriel. but still sometimes i just wanna stick my dick in those rolls and lose it in there and then play hide and seek. if you ever enter her rolls be prepared to encounter lost food from two years ago. also every thanksgiving she visits the country of ethopia she brings a mountain of food and eats in front of the starving children.
Jm: hey Ozzie is that a mountain i see!?!?!?
Ozzie: oh no thats Shea
by June Micheal Castro November 16, 2011
A slang variation of "yea", particularly popular in the Southern United States. Used interchangeably with similar variations like "chea" and "jea."
Trying to get drunk tonight?

by juhnlaaa June 28, 2009

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