National Dress - The Philibeg
(The kilt is an english invention circa 1870 - India)
National drink - whisky (or anythin else if you're buying)
National sport - Gowf and fitba'
National pastime - rippin't the p*** out of the english
National language - Variable dependent on degree of intoxication
National hero - William Wallace
National Inventions: TV, Telephone, tarmac, raincoat(macintosh) the Bicycle. rubber tyres. The bank of England, The FBI, Police forces, The US Navy, Double breach shotgun, Whisky. Also:- Penicillin, antiseptic treatment, DNA, Dolly the sheep (cell replicationcloning),
Ad infinitum!
National pride - In Abundance!
Scotland uisge beathawhisky, gowfgolf, fitba'football
by teaghee May 18, 2010
Scotland is the most northerly nation of the United Kingdom. It's native name is Alba. The national languages are English, Scots and Scottish Gaelic. They are a Celtic nation. The famous Tartan Army come from here and hate the SOUTHERNERS (England).
Scotland is better than England.
by Clyde1998 June 06, 2010
Everyone knows what Scotland is. (especially if you could be bothered to read the definitions) But I just want to say, we're (yes, I'm Scottish) not all a bunch of English hating rejects who prance around in kilts and say ''hoots'' a lot more than your average Joe. Except maybe the highlands, well, not really. Although...
I'm going to Scotland, land of Scots, and sometimes Scotch, no it wasn't named after Scot but the Scotty dog probably was, speaking of dogs you can get a highland terrier and in the highlands you can get Scottish hillbilys (I'm being very anti-highland today)
by Ian Dunsmore February 20, 2007
Scotland is a country in the united kingdom. It is north of England.We have our own parliment, which has many more powers than the irish assembly and wateva the fuck the welsh have, we get more money per head of population than any other country in britain (yay us!) this means, england pay US, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. England are not "stealing" our oil, as Alex Salmond (leader of scottish nationalist party) would like u 2 believe.The oil will eventually run out and we cannot support our economon just this. Scottish independace is a romantisied idea, which is nice in concept but wouldnt work :) i am scottish and i believe in unionism

Scotland roxs
And so does its people
we have REAL MEN (no underwear, even when its calwd (translation: cold))
We totally rock, but cant survive without our annoying older brother england
girl1: that guy is soo hot
girl2: hes so manly
girl3: he must b from Scotland
by pamplemousse776 February 22, 2009
Scotland, the country with the angry people. Known to have ginger hair and like to shout alot about a little in their country. If they move countries though they will tend to keep this patarism down because the other people will just be jealous that they have Iron Bru in their MacDonalds. Most people from Scotland also want independence even though the Scotish government earn more by being united with the of the British government. Some people also say that Scotland is Britians Canada.
Dave: Hey man, i want some bacon!
Ted: Lets go Canada.
Dave: WTF man, theres a shop down the road
Ted: Canada sell the best bacon!
Dave: Ok, lets go down the middle...
Ted: ?
Dave: Lets go Scotland
Ted: Fine.
by Angry Scotsman 4444 December 05, 2011
Scotland is a country of true pride! any Scot knows that Scotland is a country which is beautiful and patriotic. 90% of Scots do hav a somewhat hateful streak in them but, that is directed to the English , and perhaps French n Germans.
We may not be the best at sports but, think of all the great inventors! We invented so many things eg the telephone , the steamboat etc etc.
However , Scotland holds the record for highest scoring international lacrosse match , when the Scots defeated Germany 34-3 in 1994.SUCK THAT YA ENGLISH PRICKS! WHAT HAPPENED IN 1966???
And finally ,Scots are loved the world over , for the hate for the english.I must say though , when i enter an american restauraunt , in eg Florida , the waitress will ask , "are you english" , i will reply , "no scottish" , and everytime this happens , the waitress breaths a huge sigh or relief
great scots: John Logie Baird , Billy Connolly , James Watt , Ally McCoist , Jim Baxter , Dennis Law , John Greig , Rod Stewart (if you want 2 count him as being scottish) William Wallace , Robert the Bruce and finally THE PROCLAIMERS
by the true scot May 17, 2005
The Country that’s Above And on Top of England In every respect. Scotland Rocks!

Jesus: But Father you have created this wonderous land with beautiful scenery and natural wonders, why are you so generous to these people?
God: Yes my Son! But wait untill you see the Neighbours I am giving them!
Scotland is way Nicer Than England
by william the wallace March 15, 2006
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