Scotland is famous for:

- Drunks and alcoholics; leading to one of the highest rates of domestic violence between husbands and wives in Europe.

- Bigotry: Most Scottish people still think it's totally acceptable to hate the English with such venom and spite, it's practically encouraged to air those views and feelings in public.

- Grown men wearing skirts. A true Scotsman is said to be one who wears a kilt (skirt) without underwear - and this is usually proven once they're drunk and think nothing of exposing their 'meat and two veg' to other men, women and even children. But this crude act isn't a "sexual crime"; its seen as "just for laughs". True Scotsmen also think nothing of urinating in public especially when drunk regardless of where they are. Most don't even 'lift their skirts' hence their urine-stained boots.

- Hogmanay (New Year's Eve to you and me): While the rest of the world are celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another, it's the one night of the year where all of Scotland gets blind drunk.

- Patriotism. Even if most haven't been north of Glasgow or Edinburgh (both of which are closer to England than the most northern part of Scotland)
"Is it true that, to visit Scotland, you need to turn your watch back 200 years?"
by motownredux October 16, 2011
A bitter little country, thoroughly upset that it plays no significant part in world affairs. Its native population enjoys being so anti-English that it gets boring to listen to after about 5 minutes. A nation so great that many Scots find it necessary to leave their homeland and settle down elsewhere...

Shame about the inhabitants really because the countryside is stunning! Glen Coe is a particular favourite spot of mine.
Josh: Can you name me a country that lives in the past

Bill: I believe Scotland is one
by much_too_much March 06, 2010
Country in the United Kingdom with a top-class education system. Famous for it's rich history, deep fried mars bar high levels of accepted racism not found in more sourtherly places in the UK
English kid: I couldn't get into the university of Edinburgh, Damn, Scotland and their high standard of education!
by Etta Love September 12, 2006
Magical land of rugged highlands, misty castles, white sandy beaches, verdant green landscapes, endless stone walls, dotted with sheep and age old cottages to the north of England. With its meteor showers and northern lights, the night sky in Scotland is truely beautiful. Through the ages, it has produced some of the most brillant writers, philosophers, scientists, inventors, and actors in the world.

Scotland is distinct from England, as it has its own history, literature, legal system, educational system, building style, and heros.
Sean Connery, David Tennant, and Karen Gillan are some of the finest actors to come from Scotland in recent times.
by coloneljackmustard March 05, 2013
I'm from there, and am damned well proud of it! "Caledonia, you're calling me, and now I'm going home" - Dougie MacLean.

by AlbaCaledon October 15, 2011
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