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What every inhabitant of the USA is, except the Native Americans.
A: Dude, I fuckin hate them immigrants!
B: Well whaddaya think your great great great grand father was?
by rosinbolle October 22, 2006
A term corrupted by the political agenda of parties wishing to garner large quantitites of votes easily.
Democrat: Dude, if we pretend that we really care about mexicans and call them immigrants, they'll all vote for us and we can keep having slave labor from those brown bastards!

Republican:Okay, but we also have to pretend like there is a difference between the two parties.
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
(1) One who LEGALLY comes into a new country and settles, as opposed to an "illegal alien", who either sneaks into a new country, or enters legally, then overstays his allowed time as a visitor. There is no such thing as an "illegal immigrant", since the word "immigrant" implys legality.
Immigrant families today face supicion about their legal status because the news media insists on refering to illegal aliens as "immigrants."
by K. Anderson April 19, 2008
Someone who comes to live in this country, contrary to what the ignorant fucker who wrote number 4 said they nearly always work and are not normally even entitled to benefits. They tend to do work no-one else wants to do. The stupid meat-head pissed wankers that hate them are normaly the same people who eat kebabs(which wouldn't exist in this country without immigration) at 2 in the morning. They have introduced lots of foods to our country including curry, which we all love. Almost evryone in the UK will have immigrants in thier bloodline. Normally used as a scapegoat to distract us from the real problems of the world.
wanker:fucking immigrants coming here fucking our country up.
non sun reader:why
wanker:they don't fuckin work
non sun reader:they do
wanker: umm... err .... they steal all our jobs
non sunreader: example
wanker: fuck off or i will smack ya
by clibedij January 17, 2006
1. In its original, broadest and literal meaning, an immigrant is any person who lives in a country other than their country of birth.

2. Today the term “immigrant” is sometimes used with a more specific meaning: economic migrants, as opposed to people who retire abroad and international businessmen (who are both considered ex-pats); refugees; people serving abroad with the military or diplomatic corps; and international students.
Famous immigrants:
-Madonna was born in the USA but lives in the UK
-Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria but lives in the USA
-Albert Einstein was born in Germany but lived much of his adult life in Switzerland and the USA
-John Lennon was born in the UK but lived his final years in the USA
-Yoko Ono was born in Japan but lives in the USA
-Salvador Dalí was born in Spain but lived much of his adult life in France.
-Christopher Columbus was born in the Republic of Genoa but lived much of his adult life in Spain and Portugal
by backpacker_x2 February 01, 2011
Politically correctslang for "slave". Basically, immigration was the United States's perfect way of coping with the abolishment of slavery because all it had to do was lure the unfortunate souls from their home countries into America with its bullshit "Land of Opportunity" advertisements, and cruelly exploit them like animals for years, even their entire lives, while dangling the green card just out of their reach.
American: Immigrants are sub-humans in our eyes, but we can easily make them work for 80-hours a week for $1.50 an hour if we want to because they have no rights in our country!
by sarcastic March 29, 2004
Too many of them are coming over to England and claiming government benefits. This puts more pressure on the British people who then have to fork out more of their income to provide for some family who sit on their arse all day on the phone talking in some weirdo language. Most immigrants run North London jewelry shops where you can buy "gold" for a rip off price (most of the money just goes in their pocket). Tony Blair can't do anything because he's too busy sucking dick all the time.
"Dude, these immigrants really get on my tits."
"Too bad blair won't do anything."
by Soiled Undergarment August 18, 2003
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