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The best thing to come out of Scotland?
The train to London.
Scotland is a tiny place where no man wantsa to go and most do whats right and leave. :D

by Claire Galvin May 05, 2007
73 163
A country full of people constantly thinking they're better as they are higher up, although they never seem to qualify for the world cup anymore.. And they are the ones who laugh at english for being bad...
Scotland can go to hell.
by Aidan... September 02, 2006
83 230
Shithole country to the north of England full of haggis-eating, caber-tossing alcoholics.
Scotland has scenery?
by PancakeFeatures July 29, 2006
136 317
A country located above England, only on at atlas though.
Rains more than England, is colder than England which is saying something.
The people are a bunch of overpatriotic cunts.
Scotland isnt better at anything.
England is better at sports, 2006.. A certain team didn't even qualify, rugby world cup.
Food - wise England is better, once again, pretty pathetic. Haggis, and other such things. No thanks.
And then there's the whole thing of trying to pass off skirts are "kilts".

Pfft..Oh and then theres the mangled, twisted form of "English" that you try and speak.
It's not an accent, it's called not being able to speak properly.
england lost in the quarters in 2006 - Scot
Yeah but who didn't qualify - Englishman

Scotland is amazing at rugby england are fucking aweful - Scot

It's not a skirt it's a kilt - Scottish person
by YandG July 12, 2006
113 304
A country being nicely subsidised by the English taxpayer by using what little remains of the mainly English owned energy reserces (check your maps my ginger chums). This vast subsidy enables only Scottish students to have a free education and become the accountants/ actuaries /auditors of the world. The vast chip that most Scots have on their shoulder about the English is results what is medically known as a 'burns hunch'. The result is being even more bitter, twisted and miserly and blaming all the worlds ills on everyone else.

The deligtful irony is that most Scots speak a version of English and their favourite sport is football? (of course invented by the English).

Oh and the proclaimers (hahahaha!)
England 4 Scotland 0
by fatttyballaty July 13, 2006
81 279
Home to countless proud acts of history, to many beacons of humanity, yet, in the words of Billy Connolly, "can't even find a decent culture to be colonised by".
The English Canada.
Self-derogatory ,quasi-intellectual, left-wing, beautiful, shit weather.
"You come from Scotland? You speak really good English"
by European October 29, 2003
108 346
Very nice people some of the nicest but also intrinsically racist and sexist (ages-long patriarchy), probably will never change. Avoid Scotland at all costs if Black, Asian, Chinese, or of any skin colour other than pasty White, and if do not want to fall off the social ladder and preserve any small sense of self-dignity if it still remains after a couple of months.
White Scot: "Welcome to Scotland we need you in our country to do the work that we would never do"
Asian-looking human: "I'm not Asian, I'm not White; I'm Scottish"
White Scot: "You an immigrant"
Asian-looking human: "But I've lived here all my life"
(Edinburgher) White Scot: "Well then you're a homosexual and Black-like"
by stabstabstab March 17, 2006
79 324