A down right smoking hot individual. Has a tendency to have oral fixations that can not be satisfied. Is very gifted in both physical and emmotional attributes and is the envy of both males and females. All in all the closest thing to Gods gift to man yet found.
Dude,...you see that girl from the other side of the bar??? she is a total Scotland
by Rowdy10_2008 February 06, 2010
A great country, great education, (mostly) great people.

Some of it's best products:

The Fratellis
Craig Ferguson

Scotland > America, England, Japan, France, Italy, China, Canada and everyone else COMBINED!
by Onion Queen October 01, 2007
Scotland, a nation within the state of the United Kingdom.
Scotland has; the highest rate of heart disease in the world, and the highest rate of obesity in Europe.
Scotland also has , according to a 2005 UN report, the highest rate of violent crime in the developed world, followed closely by wales and england in that order.

i am scottish, by the way.

and there are many good things about scotland. like not being england.
fuck, i want to leave scotland and live in canada.
by mad tams wee brother May 24, 2006
an imaginary "country" above england,,does not exist, is part of the UK
me:wtf do i have to do?
friend:make up an imaginary country,, like scotland.
by raiderssuck234 October 15, 2008
Small grey country, full of greasy, bitter, uncultured scum. Construct an identity for themselves as 'tough', despite being a nation of wife beaters, and talk about little else but their perceived superiority to the English. Small penis, much?
"I love my country, and I love my buck-toothed, car-thieving, Buckfast-drinking thick-as-pig-shit countrymen. Go Scotland!"
by Dennis Hopper January 01, 2007
Ranked worst small country in western europe.

The study by ‘The Scottish Federation of Small Businesses‘ (FSB) measured wealth, employment rates, health and education.

Also has won of the worst national football teams in the world.
Scotland laugh when England do not qualify for international football tournaments or don't get through to the final round but conveniently forget their own international football history
by simond10 December 28, 2007
A country which all the people living there are over proud, when really there is nothing to be proud of.
oo im from scotland an i hate the english and we are the best country in the world.
by fesfe February 25, 2007

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