England's top hat.
Guy #1: Do you not feel as though we should be wearing some headgear? It is quite cold outside.
Guy #2: Don't worry. Here in England, we don't need hats because we are real men. And Scotland is our top hat anyway.
by Oletha January 04, 2011
A word used when drinking alcohol. If you want someone, or multiple people, to finish thier drinks, you shout "SCOTLAND!" and whoever it is directed towards HAS to chug the rest of their drink.
Person 1 is babying their drink
Person 2: Come on man we gotta go, finish your drink!
Person 1: Dude chill, we're not gonna be late.
Person 2: Yeah I'm not taking that chance, SCOTLAND!
Person 1: .... Fuckkkkkk me *begins to chug drink*
by DKNovak May 20, 2016
The best place in the world..the grass is green..the girls are.... Well prettier than most and if anyone tries to say that its not or if our national dress code is mocked... be sure to fear for your life!! It is described as "the best small country ever!!" the only reason it isnt the best country ever is due to the fact that we have a country sized tumor growing from "oor erse" (ass). That tumor my amigos.. Thats right is england!! Need i say anymore!!!
Examples of language used in Scotland!!
1. Cum ben the sittin room wee man
(come through to the living room small one)
2.we gittin fir oor tea maw??
(what are we having for dinner mother)
3.Dinnie gees any yir shite
(could you refrain from bullshiting please)
4. Yill beh cuvered in dug hair fae erse tae fuckin tit!!!
Oh my... you'll be covered in dog hair
by TheEvilScotsman July 18, 2011
A odd little country, north of England and part of the UK and Great Britain whether they like it or not. Painfully patriotic, but actually very nice people. Lovely scenery and all that jazz. Some of the population like to show themselves up by claiming they hate the English. Don't be silly. We don't hate you, so why this in return?
They have a tendency to cling onto happenings which are probably around 500 years old and never stop going on about how much heritage they have. They will get rowdy when drunk, and some of the girls do have quite strange (read: gruff as 'owt) voices, but they are NOT all ginger, do NOT all live in castles, are NOT permanently drunk (although questionable), and they do NOT parade around in kilts (although all Scottish men should, because they're sexy).

Scotland's lovely, go visit. But it is a little cold.
"well, actually.."

"Patriotic bastard."

by squibblezzz June 17, 2008
An indeterminate state of relationship, especially those that relate to relationships with individuals named Scott. There is uncertainty as to whether you(the UK) and the individual (Scotland) is completely separate entity, completely joined entities or somewhere in between.
"Yeah I'm kind of hooking up with this one person but it's not really a relationship... I'm in Scotland!"
by Vii Vii April 13, 2015
Gaelic name: Alba

1 Described by First Minister Jack MacConnel as "The best small country in the world".

2 Is responsible for The United Kingdom, as it subsidises England, rescently stoped the English from electing the pro-ethnic cleansing Conservative party, and does all the fighting in Iraq.

3 The only country in the world to have a First Past the Post system of government and a 6 party system.

4 Invented everything of use in the world

5 The only country in the world which has a minority of people who speak the official language

6 Best Primary Education in the world and 6th best secondary education (after Japan, S Korea, and Scandanavia)

7 The northernmost country of the United Kingdom. Reknowned for tartans/kilts(which men look stunning in!), the lovely Highlands, many languages & bagpipes

8 Scotland is the most patriotic country in the world which doesn't artificially create partiatism using propaganda.

9 The Country thats Above And on Top of England In every respect. The British Canada! :DD

10 an awesome country full of glens, lochs, mountains, islands, tartans, castles, great food, and the coolest accents (:
scotland rocks! ((:
by sabscot May 29, 2009
An Instagram famous beauty that has this unusual name that can't be defined.

Synonyms of Scotland: perfection,(amazing), beautiful, pretty you name it c:
My friend looks like Scotland (aka pretty)
by Anaaa August 13, 2013
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