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The fattest, oldest pimp this side of the north pole.
Santa has three hoes. Damn that's jolly.
by Skin-Nerd July 17, 2005
see Satan

a big,fat red fuck who teaches greediness,wanton-ness,and lust and stands in the way of the truth blotting it out by obscuring it with his enormously fat ass and head

teaches blatant consumerism
Santa is a big,fat,fuck
by kool aid December 08, 2003
Santa really exists.He's a demon/Satan.
He is real.He is Satan.
An actual manifestation of Satan.
Has a pseudo-real history that blurs the lines between reality and fiction.Owned black moors as slaves.
Santa is just but one actual manifestation of Satan.Another is Captain Planet.Yet another is the Arthurian legends which also blur the lines of reality and fiction.For a full physical manifestation see Hitler,Stalin,The Manson Family,Jeffrey Dahmer and the like.Oh yes,Santa is quite real kiddies.And he's a real pain in the ass!
Santa is but one manifestation of Satan in the form of anti-Christ propaganda.This is just one way in which Satan manifests.
/wherever the lines of reality and fiction are blurred...
Wherever religion,magick,reality,fiction,and government pagan propaganda converge,there Satan is.He is also fond of corrupting the youth as you can see so be very aware of that too.Satan often appears in fictional children's tales to propagandize them and blur the lines between reality and fiction.Isn't culture lovely?
by Man in the sunglasses September 29, 2005