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Pronounced Deffy

When a girl reaches down your pants and grabs hold of your member, and instead of jerking or tugging, she simply holds it.
"Ahh excuse me bitch are you just going to give me a deffy, or are you going to do something with it?"

"fuck dude, all I got was a defy"

"Na fuck that bitch, she will probably just give you a defy"
by Harley, Lights & Styles September 14, 2011
To stand up to your opressor.
You gotta defy the Man who holds you down.
by AYB March 24, 2003
Defy (pronounced like deafy) - Someone who reads words incorrectly who is stupid, dumb, ditz, idiot, bimbo, a black bimbo

The word comes from a person reading the word defy but pronouncing it (deafy) triggered from the spelling of Def Jam Records. Black cultured or black version of a blond bimbo.

Hench this person is defy.
I cant believe i just said that I'm so defy

What a defy bitch

You are so defy
by Pjimmy July 14, 2010
de·fy Audio pronunciation of "defy" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (d-f) tr.v. de·fied, de·fy·ing, de·fies

1. To smoke more weed than all others have smoked before.
2. To refuse to settle for the little boobies, and only take the best tasting boobs that exist.
Hey man, you sure are a defy ;)
by UltraseXiE August 14, 2006
to be high on any drugs
when i defy....
by the one and only potat November 11, 2003
to poop, make poo poo, shit,take a dump
Pull up into that Stucky's man I gotta take a defy!
by Gurm Frostbowel April 22, 2004
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