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To say something is good.
"Did you see that match? The team played hellish" "Ohhh, that was Hellish!"
by Missy August 26, 2003
To say that one is hellish means that they are totally out of control. Wreaking havoc wherever they may be. Mischievious. A Practical Joker. The type of person that says things that should not ever be said.A person who acts like they have no common sense. A fool.
Billy is straight hellish.
#hellion #hell #fool #monster #hellish
by Muckgirl73 October 11, 2008
used to describe a harsh toke of a situation or thing
that test was hellish dude
by stiger April 19, 2003
something good,
last night was hellish mon
#tidy #boss #fairish #keen #boer
by mwyfc November 06, 2010
used - mainly by welsh or those living in wales - to say really.
i'm hellish tired.
shut up. you're hellish annoying.
#hellish #well #really #proper #hellishh
by sozzzzz January 01, 2008
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