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Having no money. To be broke.
Sorry mate, I can't come out - I'm skint!
by Elliott Hughes April 19, 2003
adj: lacking funds, broke; (a british slang term)
That guy sleeping on the park bench is probably pretty skint.
by moodslag October 22, 2002
adjective. pertaining to being poor, out of money, or broke. British in origin, it is derived from 'skinned'
"I'm way too skint to go drinkin' tonight, mate"
#poor #broke #out of money #ant: loaded #wealthy #rich
by Legge September 17, 2006
dead-ass broke, poor as shit
i'm totally skint, bro.
by sharonki January 17, 2005
adj. to be skint,
. out of money/poor.
"Lend us a cig, I'm skint."
#impoverished #pennyless #poor #fucked #scottish
by Sammy Jones January 12, 2006
Scottish translation of being "broke" no money , or lack of money.
"yaw ayee right pall ", "ayeee , but a cannay go oot taenight...."," how not...?" "COS IM SKINT"...
#broke #money #scottish #poor #cheap
by Rizzle Dizzle 2011 August 19, 2011
A slang term originating in south Winfield Georgia used to express how high, stoned, blazed, lit, or slumped a person is as result of heavy marijuana use.
"I was supposed to do laundry yesterday but I was way too skint "

"Man fuck! My eyes are red and I'm out of drops. Mama gon know I'm skint"
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by Ghost Squad January 03, 2016
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