A rustry trombone is when a kinky german chick eats your asshole while giving you a handjob, thus going through the motions of playing the trombone. Typically, the guy is standing up and the girl is kneeling
That kinky german chick gave me a rusty trombone.
by donkeypunch81 April 08, 2006
when a girl tongue twisters the asshole of a man while giving him a reach around and fondles his nuts
Matt gave Tom W a superb rusty trombone
by Sean and Tom L January 31, 2004
the act of sucking ass while giving the old grab and yanky yanky
man that rusty trombone really gets you in ba(n)d geek mood
by does it matter? my prom sucked April 24, 2006
When a guy gets a rim job and a hand job at the same time from one person. Looks like the giver is playing a trombone...with a 'rusty', brown mouthpiece.
Carol introduced Bob to the rusty trombone when she stuck her tounge in his ass and tugged on his cock.
by Charlie Foxtrott September 11, 2009
tossin the salad while yankin the tubesteak smothered in underwear. unless there is some wanted or unwanted gas. then it's reffered to as a rusty gillespie.
during the tromboning, the dressing is made while tossing the salad. with little or no lumps! thanks devin!
by the dil September 28, 2003
When a gay man is performing anal sex on another gay man while giving him a hand-job, so that the pleasure is (somewhat) mutual.
I suggested to my boyfriend that he give me a rusty trombone the next time we make love so that my moans will turn him on more and enchance the experience.
by Starman DV February 18, 2009
Giving dude a raw hand job while simutaneously lickin' the hell out of his ass.

If you saw it from the side it looks like she's playin' the trombone!
"Jane looks like shit today!"

"Maybe because she was up licking SHIT all night!"

"What a rusty trombone giver!"
by De Ann December 30, 2005
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