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Similar to a horseshoe, it's when a lip is packed cheek to cheek with a bomber of chew.
"Dude, this car ride is beat, got any chaw left? I see that mouthpiece you're rocking."
"Sorry Bro. Emptied the tin. Feeling fucking money."
#chew #dip #mouthpiece #tin #chaw
by nofx9019 December 02, 2009
Anyone who has alot of game. Can make them do things they normally wouldn't do.
I got a cold mouthpiece.
#mouth piece #moufpiece #moth piece #mouth peece #mouff piece
by Jocelyn a.k.a. Jozzie/TinaBoo December 10, 2005
When you can spit the sweetest game and talk your way out any situation.
Joe: "Mike cheated on that breezy like four times already and she's still payin his bills!"
Luck: "Dat's cuz that's fools got a mouth piece homie."
#mouthpiece #flows #game #spits the prettiest lies #talks the sweetest shit
by NDNpimptress January 13, 2007
To speak in a convincing and persuading manner, usually to make a person do something they wouldn't normally do. A person who is or has a mouthpiece is usually attributed to as a playa or a lawyer.
-Man that guy sure has a mouthpiece on him. I tried picking up those two girls and he's walking away with both of them.

-Hey, i just convinced my girl to do anal.
-What? Isn't she like really religious? Man that's some mouthpiece on ya.

-You know that lawyer who got O.J. off the hook? That guy's a hellava mouthpiece.
#smooth talker #sly #playa #defence lawyer #convincing #persuading
by Everfalling April 23, 2006
A noun describing a person who is frequently gobby or mouthy.
"That cunt over there is a right mouthpiece."
#gobby #mouthy #loudmouth #lairy #twat
by bootsandbraces May 25, 2009

1. a lawyer

2, a spokesperson, a spokesman or woman
The Mouthpiece for the government lied about what happened.
#mouth-piece #mouth piece #politics #religion #underworld
by The Return of Light Joker July 10, 2008
gaming up a bitch
These ho's always down to suck me up cuz I got that mouthpiece
by T Swholy January 14, 2004
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