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When a gay man is performing anal sex on another gay man while giving him a hand-job, so that the pleasure is (somewhat) mutual.
I suggested to my boyfriend that he give me a rusty trombone the next time we make love so that my moans will turn him on more and enchance the experience.
by Starman DV February 18, 2009
188 70
tossin the salad while yankin the tubesteak smothered in underwear. unless there is some wanted or unwanted gas. then it's reffered to as a rusty gillespie.
during the tromboning, the dressing is made while tossing the salad. with little or no lumps! thanks devin!
by the dil September 28, 2003
233 118
When i give my brother a rim job and jack him off at the same time. Very pleasurable endeavor. Something that everyone should partake in.

When mom leaves for work i give rex a nice rusty trombone. HE LOVES IT.
by reehmeyr February 13, 2008
247 134
Giving dude a raw hand job while simutaneously lickin' the hell out of his ass.

If you saw it from the side it looks like she's playin' the trombone!
"Jane looks like shit today!"

"Maybe because she was up licking SHIT all night!"

"What a rusty trombone giver!"
by De Ann December 30, 2005
207 94
favorite piece of trash of Oscar the Grouch, as referenced by the song "I Love Trash" on the album "Sesame Street - Platinum All Time Favorites"
"I've a clock that won't work and an old telephone
A broken umbrella, a rusty trombone
And I am delighted to call them my own
I love them because they're trash"
by cannon2001 March 23, 2009
169 57
when you are having your cock masterbated and your ass lick at the same time. this creates a music sound like ahhhhhhrrrr
so your a muso? hey can you play the rusty trombone then!!!
by scott hutchins May 09, 2004
158 51
its the top shelf at the oriental massage parlor. after a hearty massage she starts to play with your bung with her tongue. Then you rise up on all fours and she starts playing with your unit like its a trombone. Her face will then look rusty, hence the name. Its one of the common techniques taught in massage school.
Tyler won a couple grand in vegas and all he could think about was spending it at the massage parlor for a rusty trombone.
by marcuswelbywrites June 26, 2007
197 93