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A place in south-west London, do not visit tooting unless u want 2 be mugged, stabbed or shot in the head! A ruff place wher de evil and most gangsta of the world tend to live! Cousins with streatham an area best not risked unless in a very large group of weapon carrying gangster guys!!!
Boy: wanna cum my yard?
Girl: Wher u live?
Boy: Tooting.
Girl: Hell no i aint going there homie i dnt wanna be killed!!!
by LilMissME September 10, 2005
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Part of southwest london with a very high asian population.
"i need to buy some curry powder"
"Go to tooting then"
by lulubod April 03, 2009
Slang for prostituting
I thought the girl at the bar liked me. Then I get her back and she was tooting
by May 15, 2015
Playing a wind instrument, such as the recorder or a flute.
That girl is really tooting her flute very well!
by Ten-Pin Master June 13, 2008
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