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1. Act of squatting behind a male and performing annilingus while also performing hand stimulation on same male's penis.

2. a brass wind instrument operated by moving a slide to create differences in pitch that has iron oxide on its surface usually from prolonged exposure to moisture.
Suze Q gave Herman a rusty trombone while he was playing his rusty trombone.
by Burnt Biscuit December 02, 2005
269 109
Having your brown eye tongue punched while simultaniously reciving a hand job.
Want to play a tune on my rusty trombone?
by Ballicker August 27, 2008
260 102
While a girl licks your ass hole, she gives you a hand job.
i love it when my girl plays me a rusty trombone.
by jake, sean, dave May 05, 2006
264 106
Lickin' asshole and jackin' someone off from the back....
Why ya lips all shitty lookin' have you been givin' somebody the rusty trombone?? ?
by Me November 25, 2003
237 82
sexual action in which a mans asshole is rimmed while he is receiving a reach around..
That bitch was nasty, she gave me a rusty trombone right after i gave her a dirty sanchez...
by beneal78 May 03, 2006
254 102
Rusty Trompone: The sexual act where one partner gives a rim job while also giving their lucky partner the ol' reach around.
"She was licking my asshole and jerking me off at the same time"

"Bro, that's called a Rusty Trombone."

"Oh, I get it."
by Travis Dean November 07, 2007
242 96
This stunt can be done by either two guys or a male and female. this is how it works. lets take the two guys for example, one will get on his knee's and will be facing the guys ass while he stands ( note: must be naked for stunt to work ) . the one on his knees begins to give the one in front a reach around.( just like using a trombone ) but trombone's are used by not only your hands but your mouth. so this is where the "rusty" part takes affect. the one on his kness will begin licking/eating out the ass infront of him. there you have it folks, the rusty trombone!
- The Rusty Trombone sceene was cut from the movie brokeback mountain because its a high paying manuver.

- " sick dude! i just heard that guy over there talking about giving his boyfriend a rusty trombone ! "

- * Don't do this unless your paid LOTS of money ( more that what Bill Gates has) or your so drunk and the world is going to end the next day and you have nothing else to do *
by Kevin L. June 12, 2006
228 84