The best freakin' band on the face of the Earth and behond!

If you've never heard of them, give them a chance, listen to a few of their songs. Don't be turned off by Geddy Lee's high-pitched voice, it makes the songs much better. No one but him could sing any of their songs half as well. The lyrics can be hard to understand. They make you think, but that's what makes them awsome! They are not like songs you hear today.

Most fans of the band are men. In fact, I've never met another woman who was a Rush fan besides me. Some people have even gone so far as to say you should be ashamed if you're a woman and like the band Rush. FUCK THEM! ashamed of what? Knowing what good music really is? I blast my Rush music loud and proud down main street. Don't give a flyin' fuck what people think ;)

Songs include:
Tom Sawyer
Ghost of a Chance
Fly by Night
Red Sector A
and many, many more songs of complete awsomenss
Rush is the best band ever. End of story.

You don't like Rush? Well then, stay the hell away from me.
by Froggy5 June 29, 2009
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One of the greatest progressive rocks bands of all time. The lyrics are superb, and the magnificent bass, drum, and guitar playing hold the music together, completed with Geddy Lee's unique vocal style.
Listening to Rush is a reminder of how great my taste in music is.
by Ace March 21, 2003
A common computer game strategy that involves quickly destroying opponents relatively shortly after the game begins.
I am going to rush =n00bs=Loser with my lings.
by xelius April 04, 2005
God in musician form.
Neil Peart
Alex Lifeson
Geddy Lee
by Matt February 09, 2004
An RTS game term used when you build up a small army VERY quickly, then storm the enemy before they can do anything about it.
"When I play starcraft with the zerg, i always rush with my zerglings."

"We better rush before they get any air units!"
by RagMeRock December 04, 2004
In any sort of RTS (real time strategy) game where you control an army (especially Warcraft), to charge into an opponent's base as quickly as possible with the intention of at least slowing him down, if not taking him out altogether.
Let's rush Night Elf or Undead, they're the easiest to take out.

We can't rush the Human guy, he's towered like a little bitch.
by Koby_Fish November 14, 2005
An Innovative band obviosly banned by radio mogals like "Clear Channel" because they are too talented and do not sound like every other band on the top 40.
Dang Rush is a very talented and intelligent musical force.
by Snowdog March 31, 2003
The best Canadian band that ever rocked the face of the Earth.
by Lerxst April 24, 2003

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