1. to hurry
2. sensation (sometimes a "high") you get from something powerful
3. the first name of a hypocritical extremist demagougue drug addict radio talk show host
4. a very intelligent progressive hard rock band from Canada that plays kick-ass songs with mature, "thinking-man" lyrics. Now that Pink Floyd is disbanded, the award for giving the best and most spectacular concerts in the world goes to Rush. See them before they grow old and retire. You'll get a real thrill, guaranteed.
1. We gotta rush if we're going to be at the football game on time.
2. I get a rush from being with you, honey.
3. Johnny listens to Rush Limbaugh on the radio, he says he's a Christian but he follows Rush L. instead of Jesus.
4. Rush has been around for over 30 years and have influenced many bands like Living Colour and Queensryche. Rush should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
by California Sun June 18, 2006
the best band in the fucking world. kicks slipknots ass 24/7. they fucking rule.
some consider hemispheres to be the best album produced by the ultraawesome godlike band, rush.

some slipknot dickhead made fun of rush and i kicked him in the head ten times.
by mike November 04, 2003
A highly skilled Progressive (Prog) Rock band originating from the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, consisting of three members:

Neil Peart; Lyricist, award winning drummer and multi-percussionist

Alex Lifeson; Guitarist

Geddy Lee; Vocalist, keyboards, and bassist.

The band has been highly accliamed and has been known as one of the most talented bands in Rock and Roll history.

Popular in the 70's and eighties, Rush has survived into the 21st century with their 2002 album, Vapour Trails. Rush is responsible for hit songs like:

Fly By Night
Closer to the Heart
The Spirit of Radio

Tom Sawyer
(The previous three were all on the album 'Moving Pictures')
For more information, refer to the entry for Rush at www.wikipedia.com or at Rush's homepage, www.rush.com
by Hypersolidsnake December 10, 2003
The greatest Progressive Rock band that ever existed.
RUSH made songs such as Tom Sawyer, YYZ, Spirit Of Radio, etc.
by K Man August 17, 2003
The best band in the world.
If yodon't like Rush you deserve todie aslowandpainful death while Geddy Lee sings you a song and Neil Peart plays adrum solo on your family jewels.
by Working Man November 26, 2003
1) Probably the only good thing to ever come from Canada. They are a progressive style rock band with usually prolific lyrics. Formed in 1968. Although they use a lot of synthesizers and are Canadians, they still manage to kick some ass. Known for songs like "Free Will," "Fly By Night," and "Tom Sawyer." Frontman Geddy Lee has a distinct high-pitched voice. The band has the third longest string of consecutive gold & platinum records (23) behind The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

2) Piece of shit, hypocritical pill popping, racist, Republican radio host. See also Rush Limbaugh.
Rush is such a kickass band!

Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot. - Al Franken
by teh best evar January 12, 2004
An awesome prog-rock band that has a career that started in 1969 and is still going on.
If you think Geddy Lee's singing voice is "faggy", you're an insecure ass.
by Human Hole Products August 14, 2005

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