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1) kick-ass album by Rush

2) the next palendromic year
1) 2112 kicks ass!

2) 2112 will be a kick ass year, hopefully better then 2002 was
by lucky June 03, 2004
263 43
My name, and one of the best albums of all time.
by 2112 October 22, 2003
127 22
A well known album by t he rock band Rush.
did you listen to Rush's 2112 yet?
by JR211 July 08, 2003
87 11
adverb: Instructed that operating society as a whole cohesive group and not as an individual is for the better, when in reality this constricts the artistic aspects of life and growth.

noun: very impacting fourth album by Rush in 1976 - *****
Just when you feel as if you have come to a point of stability and calm in your emotions, something comes along to jar you and throw you off balance, 2112
by self combust September 28, 2005
75 9