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A type of horse that sweats grease, has tattoos designed by a five year old, and wears tight pants that belong to his girlfriend.
Person1: did you hear that?
Person2: what?
Person1: oh nothing, it must've been trace cyrus.
by neighhneighh June 20, 2009
The lead singer of Metro Station who admittedly looks a bit like a horse. (Just look at any picture of him).
Teen 1: Did you see Trace Cyrus at that Metro Station concert in Cali?

Teen 2: My eyes were too glued to mason musso the hotty
by The Intellectual Talking Dog August 26, 2008
lead guitarist for the band Metro Station.
Miley Cyrus's (Hannah Montana) Half brother
OMG I got a pic with Trace Cyrus last night!!!
Duh Hannah Montana's real life brother!!!
by casie079106 February 13, 2008
Lead Singer of band, Metro Station.
Aka. Miley Cyrus' half brother.
See also; tool.
Trace Cyrus dances like a tool.
by Chel. October 11, 2008
A horse with a microphone.
That wasn't a horse, it was Trace Cyrus.
by xoMadi June 25, 2010
lead gutarist of pop, electronica, rock band metro station
trace cyrus is beautiful. id fuck him anyday
by jsbgdhsbdhsbhghdfu July 17, 2008
Lead singer of a band that no one cares about anymore. (metro station) Looks a bit like a horse. His tattoos are a joke because he put no thought into them he just wanted A LOT. His chest piece is EXACTLY like that of Ronnie Radke, the lead singer of Falling in Reverse. NOT escape the fate they kicked him out and now they suck. So in conclusion Trace Cyrus is a Ronnie Radke wannabe and people stopped caring about him soon after the release of his only successful song "Shake It". See Also; wannabe and tool
Google "Trace Cyrus and you will find numerous pictures of Ronnie Radke.
by redrumronnie July 19, 2012

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