A kick-ass prog rock band from Canada, made up of Geddy Lee (bass, lead vocals) Alex Lifeson (guitar), and Neil Peart (drum, percussion, and lyricist). They are one of the best bands in the world, and have become that without ever selling out. They have changed their sound over the last 30+ years, but not to become more mainstream. They put on a killer live show.
1. I went to a Rush concert last night. My ears are still ringing.
2. There is no drummer better than Neil Peart. No one.
by dbos_YYZ November 02, 2007
1. When frats and sororities try to get people to pledge. This period of time is called rush week. Normally frats and sororties will try to show you their power by getting strippers (if it's frat) and hard licks.

2. The initial feeling of coke
Tau Kappa Epsilon is rushing. I heard there's gonna be strippers.
by valoem February 07, 2005
The greatest rock band that will EVER exist!! Synonims include awesome, amazing, and great. Geddy Lee is a magnificent bassist, Neil Peart is a drum God, and Alex Lifeson is an insane guitarist. They are famous for songs such as "Closer To The Heart", "Tom Sawyer", "2112", "Fly By Night", and "Hemispheres". You must listen to these songs! DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you dont like like, you haven't heard them. RUSH IS THE BEST!!!!!
by Cygnus X-1 June 01, 2006
an awesome band with four members

Neil Peart
Alex Lifeson
Geddy Lee
Jesus Christ
person1: Question is rush amazing
person2: no
person1: fu :(
by play again July 23, 2010
although a lot of people don't realize this, rush is actually a better band instrumentally than dream theater. niel peart is a way better drummer than mike portnoy, geddy lee is a much better singer than the singer of dream theater and geddy's also a much stronger and more innovative bass player than myung, although he may not be technically as good...
rush is god.. is basically what im saying
by wafaawaf August 20, 2006
Without question, the best band ever. Lyrics are rad. Sound is rad. Overall the band is just radtastic.
Members: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart.

Currently on Snakes and Arrows tour.

The lyrics have a greater meaning. Listening to their songs words is like reading a life changing book.

The sound is unlike any other band. It is simply amazing. If you have never listened to Rush go do it. Now.
person 1: Did you go to that Rush concert last night?
person 1: YES it was frigen rad.
person 1: I know. Did you hear that drum solo?
person 2: OH MY GOD YES. They were on frigen fire
person 1: God I am getting hard just thinking about them they are so good =]
by acdcrulesalot July 17, 2008
The soundtrack for your life
Dude I only paid $71 for lawn seats to the Rush concert! I rule
by Beowulf 2112 August 25, 2007

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