A band who is extremely underrated however is dissed mainly because of geddy's early voice. however, they have sold the most consecutive platnium albums, survived the 80s and 90s, still play sold out concerts and tours today after 30 plus years, and are right behind Aerosmith and the Beatles in album sales. How are they bad?

Also, Neil Peart's lyrics are amazing and the way Geddy Lee conveys them with his singing is a great combo, and the use of the synths add a great atmosphere and mood to each song during the Synth Era.

I suggest if you wanted to get into rush, start with the Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves album and branch out from there. Power Windows is a pretty sexy album as well..

And they make you proud to be a canadian if you are from canada.. im not but im just saying..
Guy 1 *Hearing Marathon by Rush*: Who are these guys

guy 2: Its Rush.. Marathon is a great song

Guy 1: theyre really amazing..
by Brian Stabile March 16, 2008
A trio rock group from the great white north! Known for their "Moving Pictures" and "2112" albums.
yeah, you know that song "Closer to the heart"? That's Rush!
by JR211 July 08, 2003
A band that requires a little listening to understand how good they really are. Geddy Lee, the lead singer/vocalist has a really high-pitched voice, and has been compared to Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin.
My older brother sounded like Geddy Lee for a couple of days after getting his vasectomy.
by Mike May 05, 2005
What everyone said about Rush being the best band of all is 100 percent correct.
If you disagree, you are an idiot as this is a fact that can't be disputed.
I was listening to Rush and even though I had a bad day, I cheered up. That's how good they are.
by Eater of Cherries October 10, 2004
Quite possibly the most talented band in the world. Their music rocks.
Rush rules.
by fart knocker May 07, 2003
The best freakin' band on the face of the Earth and behond!

If you've never heard of them, give them a chance, listen to a few of their songs. Don't be turned off by Geddy Lee's high-pitched voice, it makes the songs much better. No one but him could sing any of their songs half as well. The lyrics can be hard to understand. They make you think, but that's what makes them awsome! They are not like songs you hear today.

Most fans of the band are men. In fact, I've never met another woman who was a Rush fan besides me. Some people have even gone so far as to say you should be ashamed if you're a woman and like the band Rush. FUCK THEM! ashamed of what? Knowing what good music really is? I blast my Rush music loud and proud down main street. Don't give a flyin' fuck what people think ;)

Songs include:
Tom Sawyer
Ghost of a Chance
Fly by Night
Red Sector A
and many, many more songs of complete awsomenss
Rush is the best band ever. End of story.

You don't like Rush? Well then, stay the hell away from me.
by Froggy5 June 29, 2009
A kick-ass prog rock band from Canada, made up of Geddy Lee (bass, lead vocals) Alex Lifeson (guitar), and Neil Peart (drum, percussion, and lyricist). They are one of the best bands in the world, and have become that without ever selling out. They have changed their sound over the last 30+ years, but not to become more mainstream. They put on a killer live show.
1. I went to a Rush concert last night. My ears are still ringing.
2. There is no drummer better than Neil Peart. No one.
by dbos_YYZ November 02, 2007
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