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group of three people. no more, no less.
Krystal, Lupe, And Kat are a trio
by Kat-Kit March 28, 2005
tri·o (tr)
n. pl. tri·os

1. Music
a. A composition for three voices or three instruments.
b. A group of three singers or three instrumentalists.
c. The middle, contrasting section of a minuet, scherzo, march, or various other forms.
2. A group of three.

3. A term used for a situation where a person has sexual intercourse with a set of three friends. For example, a boy who has sex with a group of three friends is said to have 'completed the trio'
"Did you hear about Tom? He porked Hannah Walker last night"

"Really? Does that mean......"

"Yeah, because he rooted Jenny,Zoe and now Hannah, he's completed the trio."

"He'll definitely have the bad aids now then"

by AlexTaylor_CP March 21, 2010
A group of three friends.
Famous Trios include:

Harry, Ron, and Hermione(Harry Potter)

The Three Stooges

The Three Musketeers

The Cutie Mark Crusaders(MLP)-Apple Bloom, Sweetie Bell, and Scootaloo

The Bad Touch Trio(Hetalia)-Prussia, Spain, France

And others...
by WhatTheFluff February 11, 2012
Tri-OS is where you don't discriminate between the three major operating systems (OS) from Apple or Microsoft or Linux. Similar to being bi-sexual but with (3) different computer operating systems.
I've had a long history being tri-OS... First it was with a Windows 95 but it got old, then my second relationship was with Linux but it didn't work out, and my now current relationship is with OS X from apple.
by fp3 June 15, 2009
insertion of penis and both testicles inside the vagina at the same time.
That bitch was so loose, i gave her the trio.
by Mr. Trio April 05, 2010
three hetrosexual men that hang out once a week and support each other in a hetrosexual way
"Chris, Nate, and Sam are the trio and enjoy trio night, in a hetrosexual way."
by roblgris March 23, 2007
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