If you are a student of language you will appreciate the explanation of this definition. Lets look at the origins of the word. It may be a verb or noun similar to the word retard - delay, procrastinate, postpone, slow, hinder or obstruct. So if someone was a re-tard (this of course is the French pronunciation used in the Golden Globe winning film The Hangover) then it would be one who was delayed, a procrastinator, slowed, etc. The meaning of the prefix re- means to repeat, back, or again. So that if you are labeled a returd, it would designate you as someone who repeats the turding process frequently. Therefore not an individual who hinders or slows the turding process. Please feel free to apply the moniker to people as needed. I think it could be applicable to one who spews forth turds, perhaps those in elected office, in specific divisions of sales, or individuals who have not completed assigned tasks and feel the need to deny the reality that they were retarded in doing the task and so they make up excuses for the delay.
Perhaps it could be used in a sentence like this: "I was so sick of hearing all of his bogus excuses, one after the other, he is such a returd". As a verb it might be used in this way, "Man he needs to shut his mouth. The stuff he is saying is like so returded".

There are so many people and instances in which I plan to use this new term. Feel free to make it your own and use it as you see fit. Let this be my gift to you, you big returds.
by Honey Deaumoi February 11, 2010
Top Definition
(n.) When the solid deuce you are dropping stubbornly shoots back up into your bunghole.
Guy on the shitter- "Yo, this deuce wants to stay in my ass forever, fuckin' returd!"
by Da Sperminator January 22, 2011
re·turd·ed, re·turd·ing, re·turds

v. tr.
1. To deficate feces that has already been deficated and re-inserted into the colon; to re-deficate.

v. intr.
1. To be placed into someone's colon, via rectal insertion, and expelled in the same manner as normal human feces.

1. A lump of twice-baked feces.

2. A person who crams feces into their colon (not necessarily their own) and deficates or expells it in a normal bowel movement.

3. A person who has been victimized by the act of returding (ie. forcefully inserted into someone's anus and shat out).
v. tr.
1. "I had such a satisfying bowel movement this morning, I jammed it back in so I could returd it."

v. intr.
1. "Look at him all covered in peanuts and sesame seeds... he's obviously been returded."

1. "Look at that unusually shaped returd. It looks just like Abe Lincoln!"

2. "What a fucking returd."

3. "OH MY GOD! I can't believe they did that to me. Now I'm a returd."
by CorpseHumper September 09, 2004
A combination of a RETARD and a TURD
person 1: Hi guys i cant wait for this upcoming biology test!

person 2: Shut up, returd
by gibzzz March 22, 2007
An abbreviation for a retarded turd.
"Stop, being a returd and take your medication!"
by Peckerama April 04, 2008
Someone who is seemingly retarded to the point that they portray themselves as a complete shit.
Random 1: Hey that guy just spat on your mom!!
Random 2: What a complete returd!
Random 1: yep, he sure is returded.
by Captain Standley May 12, 2007
A piece of shit that returns to the toilet bowl after a flush. Usually associated with a massive dump or a weak flush, or both. Combination of return and turd.
That returd kept coming back up for air. It was not a pretty sight in the bathroom.
by yes juanito yes May 18, 2015
A cross between a retard and a turd
"Leanne, you're such a returd!"
by Ad:for:peru March 19, 2009
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