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A really great thing or person.
Man that movie last night was pure Remo.
by Remo September 28, 2003
A drum head that is used for drums. To make music.
Travis barker uses Remo Emporor X heads.
Niel Pert uses Remo.
by Rio TRio November 11, 2006
One who is too stupid to be considered moronic, yet is functional enough to not be classified as retarded.
That's the second time Noah fell down the stairs this week, what a Re-mo.
by Egddmachado February 17, 2008
on overly religious mother against things now widely accepted

e.i. gays, thongs, rap music
Alex: why won't your mom let us go to the mall
Sam: she thinks I'll bye a thong, but I'm not aloud since I'm only sixteen
Alex: ew what a remo, she needs to stop going to church
Sam: she's too overprotective
by halestorm December 23, 2014
A person who wipes ones own buttock in an incorrect direction. Also known as one who practices the art of "Tessatainting"
The Remo wiped her excrement into her own genitalia.
by mrCON February 26, 2013
A gay bar in columbus ohio
Justin R. whent to remo's and got his ass pounded so much that he couldnt shit straight for over 2 months
by Matt Nolting April 28, 2005
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