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(Pronounced Ree-moh)

A derogatory term, derived from the word 'remipede'. Remipedes are blind crustaceans that live in deep saltwater caves, and apparently have no idea whether they are swimming up or down. I am uncertain.... I think they may know exactly what they're doing, however, their behaviour seems so inspiringly haphazard and poignantly endevourless, that their existence necessitates the coinage of the word 'remo' - to describe humans who's actions are akin to a crustacean flailing around in aphotic surroundings. Use it eloquently and frivolously as we arch toward into the infinite unknown. Like total 'remos'.
"What an absolute remo."

"Total remo."

"I consider thee to be a remo."

"She can remo off"

"Yes...but then, he is a remo. That he is."
by Faerie Punk February 08, 2008
4 22
Adjective: To be romantic and emotion, hence the name. Usu. a male since most females inherit these traits at birth.
Claire's boyfriend is remo. He made her a picnic and then cried when she said she loved him.
by Kyliex3 June 16, 2005
14 32
a word derived from new hartford slang. meaning trashy clinton girls.
kayla and pauline are remos for thinking that they are coming to mecca.
by D-Bag March 20, 2006
10 30
n. one who is retarded emotionally; origin comes from the combination of the words 'retard' and 'emotion' using the tenses of the former
She cheated on him but he keeps going back to her, the fucking remo.

She still likes him even though he's an asshole to her, she's so remoed.
by The General December 10, 2003
12 32
1. An orphaned Newark, NY, beat cop who was recruited by a government organization that doesn't exist by being framed for a murder he didn't commit and sent to an electric chair that didn't work. He is now the current reigning master of sinanju, trained by Chuin the Humble.

2. A pale piece of pig's ear.

3. Russian acronym for the phrase "Ruin everything in moscow overnight"

4. Shiva the destroyer, shatterer of worlds. Made whole by the master of Sinanju.
1. CURE's enforcement arm is Remo.

2. Remo: "What do you call a pale piece of pigs ear?"
Chuin: "You. hehehe."

3. Remo was spray painted all over the Kremlin.
by Smith August 15, 2003
3 26
a ranga emo;a redheaded person who never smiles, talks or shows any emotion, wears black clothes, slits their wrists and insists on listening to loud, death metal music and are at constant risk of committing suicide;bhackworth
god you are such a remo bella
by oarsomegirl January 27, 2011
0 24
These are the second group of people to succumb to the "Emo" style of dress and behavior. While the first group may have actually had problems, this group just wants to fit in and have friends, or because they see some other benefit in dressing this way. In reality they are nothing but middle class white kids with both parents in the house, living in Suburbia.
The members of the band Fall Out Boy, would technically be considered "Remo" because their style makes them seem more relatable to Emo kids, which in turn allows them to sell more CDs and Concert Tickets.
by Dgarrett July 23, 2009
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