Remo basically boils down to
'randomly emo'. Acting or behaving emo at inaproppriate times , or when it is completely outside of one's nature.
can in certain situations also refer to the mocking of emos through example.
jimmy "I'm so depressed. I don't want to do anything."
tom ".. weren't you just eating chicken?"
tom " damn, jimmy's being really Remo today."
by Quiexa June 16, 2008
(Pronounced Ree-moh)

A derogatory term, derived from the word 'remipede'. Remipedes are blind crustaceans that live in deep saltwater caves, and apparently have no idea whether they are swimming up or down. I am uncertain.... I think they may know exactly what they're doing, however, their behaviour seems so inspiringly haphazard and poignantly endevourless, that their existence necessitates the coinage of the word 'remo' - to describe humans who's actions are akin to a crustacean flailing around in aphotic surroundings. Use it eloquently and frivolously as we arch toward into the infinite unknown. Like total 'remos'.

Source: Faerie Punk, Titan
"What an absolute remo."

"Total remo."

"I consider thee to be a remo."

"She can remo off"

"Yes...but then, he is a remo. That he is."
by Faerie Punk February 09, 2008
remo is a mixture of remotely and emo
a remo is someone who dresses in an emo fashion but doesnt listen to the music.
by hayleighbabez August 02, 2006
a ranga emo;a redheaded person who never smiles, talks or shows any emotion, wears black clothes, slits their wrists and insists on listening to loud, death metal music and are at constant risk of committing suicide;bhackworth
god you are such a remo bella
by oarsomegirl January 27, 2011
an emo with red hair
wow did u guys see that remo, his hair was red.
by the apples November 28, 2006

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