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An alcoholic, beat up, bum, with an unnatural year long tan that meanders about the suburbans of small seaside towns, occasionally stealing roast beefs from local supermarkets.
You hear about tan man gettin caught again for stealin that sterloin from safeway?
by MRAH August 06, 2006
One who is neither white nor black, but somewhere in between. Usually, however, the term is used only to refer to people from, or with ancestors from, India.
"Look! It's a tanman!"
"Hey, what's up tanman Tino."
Similarly, "Hey, it's the tan brothers, Tino and Chino."

Usage note: When used between friends, regardless of their racial statuts, it is considered a term of friendship. However, when used incisively, the term is, of course, interpreted in that way.
by K'we'fil's[!] November 27, 2006
The screen name of a mythological being who roams the skys looking for suitable mates. Part lion and part god. Beware at all costs. Known for company of mermaid and log, graham crackers, and ze occasional company of Dr. Jellyfinger.
Ze "Tanman" iz epic. Ja.
by Tanmanzegreat October 30, 2011
A sexual act in which a female shits on the floor. Three men then cum on the shit. The shit-cum is then placed in a blender and blended with ice and the female's pee. After this the female butt-chugs the shit-pee-cum smoothie. Then the men all cum in her butt. Lastly, the woman shits all this out on the three men's chests.
"Dude, that was a total Tan-man fest last night!"
by Tan-man August 04, 2007
1. Concept of the ultimate product of miscegenation or race-mixing, the point when multi-ethnic oreo becomes mono-ethnic mongrel race, may more broadly be applied to the idea of a dystopian future where the "melting pot" has totally "melted" and every human being is ethnically identical, and individual cultures have disappeared in favor of a super politically-correct/tolerance-obsessed global one.
1. Dude, do you see that pregnant Filipino lady holding hands with Lenny Kravitz? Yeah hopefully she miscarries and they won't release the Tan Man upon the world! 2. I saw Barack Obama on TV and he is the closest thing I have ever seen to the Tan Man. 3. Black people, defend yourselves from the advances of the Tan Man! 4. White people, defend yourselves from the advances of the Tan Man! 5. Arabs, defend yourselves get the idea.
by S. J. W. H. January 28, 2007
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