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Eye color for the people with brown eyes but think "Hazel" sounds nicer.
Hazel eyes? Shut up those are brown.
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by 1-2 crush on you December 24, 2007
Eyes that are anywhere from light Carmel brown, to dark rich chocolate brown around the pupils and light to dark green in the middle and black on the outside of the eye. Hazel eyes sometimes change colors to dark and light and sometimes to a golden color. They change in mood, lighting, and what you're wearing.
I have hazel eyes. My eyes are Carmel, with dark emerald and golden crescent shapes on them. Some people are afraid of my eye color and others desire my eyes.
by Lifeiscrazy October 22, 2015
Any combination of gray, amber, brown and green in an eye
Her hazel eyes are amazing
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by Jenkins September 19, 2015
Eyes which are a mixture of light/golden brown and green and sometimes a little of gray. -- To disagree with definition #2, hazel is not just " a nicer way of saying brown." On the eye color scale, they are lighter than a regular brown eye.

"Hazel eyes are due to a combination of a Rayleigh scattering and a more than moderate amount of melanin in the iris' anterior border layer.225 Hazel eyes often appear to shift in color from a light brown to a medium golden-dark green." (Wikipedia-eye color)
Hazel eyes change color depending on what color the person is wearing, the lighting, and mood. Otherwise known as "mood eyes".
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by LisaE. April 08, 2009
A stunning mixture of green and brown in someone's eyes. The brown can range from a very light caramel to a deep, rich chocolate. Additionally, the green can range from a dark "army" green to a light chartreuse-green shade. Often these eyes change colors depending on what the person is wearing. Every pair of hazel eyes is unique which is also what makes them such a beautiful eye color.
"I happen to have hazel eyes, a mix of caramel brown and dark green. When I wear green shirts, it brings out the green in my eyes. When I wear black, my eyes look more brown."

"Hazel eyes are much more unique than traditional "baby blues" and could possibly even be called "heavenly hazel." :P what my bf calls mine
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by DirtyBlondeBabe93 April 12, 2010
People with hazel eyes tend to be gorgeous. They have very unusual relationships that tend to be short. Hazel eyed people are very diverse and love to try new things. They are risk takers and rarely will say no to a challenge. Hazel eyed people are also the best in bed.

Girl: Aww! You're Hazel Eyes are SO Cute!
Boy: Thanks! But they change colors depending on the light!
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by Aura Savior December 29, 2011
Hazel--the hardest eye color of all to define. A ring of greenish brown around the pupil surrounded by blue and contained by a black outer circle.
Hazel eyes are reflected in the mirror of the definer. Is it quixotic to say hazel eyes are exotic?
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by spiritygirl October 16, 2007
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