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Perky, usually to describle breasts of moderately small size, but perfectly formed.
Her tits aren't that big, but pert? Oh most definately yes!
by Dark 1 January 10, 2004
A positive adjective describing a body part that is petite and perfectly formed.
1) Charlie Harper: Grab that pert little ass!

2) "Dig those pert breasts on that fine chick!"

3) "She's so cute with her pert, little nose and soft, smooth cheeks."
by THE-CREED-OF-VIRTUE December 22, 2012
According to a group of cocky whores at rockford lutheran, this word can basically mean anything...
OMG IM SO PERT!! (omg im so horny)
WHAT THE PERT IS THAT?? (what the fuck is thAt)
LOOK AT THAT PERT-O!! (look at that sexy guy!)
by Dontbehatinnnn February 26, 2007
(Noun) Another name for a spotted dog that has both black and white patches. Usually goes by the name Patches. He is a peeping Tom dog who usually goes after hot human females.
1- Patches your such a Pert.

2- Patches, your such a peeping Pert!
by Blackberry001 November 20, 2011
Poor Early Relationship Training
Eric's girlfriend wouldn't let him stay out to watch the Superbowl because he didn't practice P.E.R.T.
by Hudson VS Studio February 01, 2009
(1) adjective. Fashion conscious, extremely feminine. Used in a positive sense for females. Of Bermudian origin.

(2) adjective. Smart alecky. Rude. Of Bermudian origin.
(1) "Wow, look at her outfit - she is too pert!"

(2) "Did you hear the mouth on her? How did her parents raise such a pert child?"
by CJT April 23, 2006
The act of one inserting his penis into an individual's ear for the purpose of sexual pleasure. Fabulous.

See also: ear sex, ear fucking, Family Guy, getting fucked in the ear, Prick Up Your Ears, sticky ear...
Person 1: Hey everyone, let's all go to the computer lab and PERT!

Person 2: I'll bring the lube!
by Whiteboyrobot April 25, 2012
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