To ejaculate a powder from over ejaculation
OMG Ian just poofed!
by Teril March 31, 2011
Used as a disparaging term for an effeminate or homosexual male.
5 Poofs 2 Pianos
by Maaddaann November 12, 2010
A man or male teenager, who pretends or acts, studly, sexy, like a player, or more masculine than he really is.
That guy says that girls are lining up to go out with him, but he's such a poof!
by NaLo April 18, 2008
something that is blown up, or enlarged.

something a magician does

"her dress is poofy"
"thats a bit poofed up"
"poof and it appeared"
by phiney May 19, 2007
promise on our friendship
swearing that what you're saying is the absolute truth. cannot lie when you poof someone.
by Lyndsay January 27, 2004
When someones boxers are bunched into a clump and stick out of their pants into the form of a "Poof".

When one's boxers become exposed to the outside world
"Dude tuck in your poof."

"Alright chill man! I got it under control."

*Tucks In Poof*
by Paynoattention22 November 23, 2013
V. when someone is hit by an extremely weak force and the person who created the force thinks they are really strong
My brother poofed me to prove a point, I laughed.
by A1R DOG November 08, 2009

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