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The wrong spelling of the word "faggot," mostly spelled wrong by young people who spell it how they pronounce the word, with an "i"
Aaron(who is 10) says: "Man, you are a faggit"
Ben (who is 16) says: It's spelled F-A-G-G-O-T, dumbass.
by Benniee August 15, 2005
The stupid way of saying faggot, usually typoed because "i" is next to "o".

Usually said in a quick attempt (which is why they typo it) to try to save themselves when someone can't think of a good comeback.
Guy A: "You just contradicted yourself. Twice."

Guy B: "faggit"

Guy A: "Yeah, that's what I thought, you can't think of anything, loser."

Guy B: "stfu"

Guy C: Just admit you lost, Guy B.
by Arch0wl May 16, 2005
The incorrect spelling of faggot.

To be homosexual
RachaEl: I'm a faggit

Giulia: it's spelled with an o retard
by redneck January 15, 2015
Derived from the word faggot meaning 'homo-sexual'.

Faggit describes a person devoid of or temporarily failing to exhibit emotional and/or physical robustness.

While not empirically proven, faggits tend to be vertically challenged, pretty girls.
Ally 'I squatted on Tuesday and my legs still hurt today and it's Friday'

Chris 'boo hoo faggit'
by Rideordie-evo IIV November 10, 2013
Dominick's way of spelling "faggot."
It is an alternative to the word "faggot."
Dominick "these girls Kayla and Ash are such faggits"
by AshMonsta7 December 31, 2011
Faggit is the term used for the homosexual as spread over both "Faggit" and "Faggot"
However "Faggot" is the definition of a large round mass of minced meat. This is as of 2003 Oxford Dictionary...
there is a faggot on my plate...
there is a faggit in my bathroom...
by Simon Worswick April 22, 2004
a homosexual man, one who is incredibly gay. Also used as a "put down" word.
A flaming homosexual...
by Jamal Black June 18, 2005
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