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1. homosexual male

2. cushioned footrest often used with lounges
1. that guy is a poof

2. my feet are on the poof
by josh April 23, 2005
106 96
A strange, awkward joke or misunderstanding, often relating to romantic involvement.
Everyone thought Santiago and Lynne got to third base, but it turned out to only be a Poof.
by Maddiethegreat May 19, 2006
32 23
What a girl/woman does when she needs to expell gaseous vapours from her bloated intestine
She felt funny after the B-B-Q so she went behind the shed and let out a "poof"
by Coral September 30, 2004
34 25
sound left leaving a chatroom
im outtie!!!poof!!!
by (_\_)(_|_)(_/_) April 28, 2003
32 23
the sound of a cat's pussy farting...aka queefing
"Yo, Josiah - did that cat just poof on your couch?"


"That is some herb smells like straight poof."
by trubbs May 30, 2009
21 13
1. A dismissive term. Used similarly to the way whatever was used in the late 90s, albeit, used in a less flippant manner.

2. An all-encompassing word oft used in response to confrontation. Alludes to/implicates apathy, disaffection, resistance, and noncompliance. It relates ones commitment to achieving a goal or persisting forward action despite whatever obstacle might have prevented said goal from being achieved.)

* Usage is often accompanied by a hand motion similar to that of the Italian belisima hand gesture, or the Californian talk to the hand hand gesture.
"The movie is rated R, do you still want to go?"
"Poof. We'll sneak in."

"Gosh, history is hard."
"Poof! We're out of class, so it's out of my mind ."
by moroneywobbles1 May 02, 2010
9 3
to be cute with someone, hug, kiss, cuddle, lay under blanket, have sex, be sweet
I want to go poof with my sweet boyfriend.
by Eleonora German December 05, 2007
18 12