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when a person is carrying an alcoholic beverage in both hands at the same time.
Hemish O'Maley was in Irish handcuffs last night at the pub. He always had a Guinness in each hand.
by jonesy June 23, 2004
Crazy Scottish guy in the Austin Powers movies that weighs over a thousand pounds. He has fiery red hair not only on his face and head, but a whole frickin coat of red down his back. He loves eating and being a slob.
Fat Bastard is prone to farting a lot, and then making jokes about them, and even comparing the farts to different situations and things. Has played several roles in the Austin Powers Series; including a Scottish bagpipe player, basic assassin, UPS deliveryman, and a sumo wrestler.
Some Fat Bastard quotes:
-"Ya know what mah favorite Helen Hunt movie is? TWISTER!" (Picks sumo wrestler up with a titty twister)
-"Sorry, I fahted..."
-"I want mah baby-back, baby-back, baby-back ribs...........CHILLLLIIIIIIIII'S baby-back ribs!"
-Mistere English Kerenel, tryin ta tell me ta lose weight. Well, let me tell ya somethin, Sonny Jim; I ate a baby! Oh yeah, BABY: the other OTHER white meat! Baby: it's what's for Deener!"
-"Where's mah mo-ney?"
-Aiiieeee.......frisky are we?"
by Jonesy March 24, 2005
The British word for a homosexual (see faggit, homo, gay) that is one of many variations of someone who desires someone of their same gender. See example below
"Ya poof! You tryin ta bugger me?"
by Jonesy March 21, 2005
Person from the formerly Spanish-controlled nation with an awesome heritage and culture. The majority of the them are devout Catholics, and the women are absolutely gorgeous.
The are two Argentinean girls in the Baptist Student Union at my college (NKU), and they are incredibly gorgeous; plus they are identical twins!
by Jonesy March 31, 2005
The appropriate name for any Liberal Democrat. Refers to their being inept and their inability to back up accusations and attacks that they make against Republicans because they don't have the facts and evidence to do so. Also applies to their standing up for almost anything pointless and ridiculous; such as frivilous lawsuits, gay marriage, etc.
She actually voted yes on the same-sex marriage amendment AND wants higher taxes? Stupid liberal.
by Jonesy April 02, 2005
Derived from 'QFT,' which is an abbreviation of the phrase 'Quoted For Truth.' Commonly used on message boards to emphasize a point previously made, when the person quoting the point has nothing more to add.
quoteI think homosexuals are gay./quote
by Jonesy March 27, 2005
A piece of paper designed to assist people while eating. What many people with a lack of table manners don't seem to realize is that a napkin serves a purpose. The most important thing is so that people WILL STOP SUCKING (or licking) THEIR FINGERS WHEN THEY EAT!!!!
People who suck their fingers when they eat are gross. This is a very nasty habit. Not that they care of course.
by jonesy December 11, 2004
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