When having sex a mans penis builds up a massive ass air bubble that comes out with the cum, and when released it makes a sound similair to a wet flagulent, like a queef.
"Holy hell man, i poofed on my girl last night" said Sid.

U fucking poofer.
by Robert Beyer August 02, 2006
Adjective, describing something as being cool or hot
"Oh my God! That bracelet is so poof!"
by blickblocks June 26, 2005
v. to smoke marijuana
Pack me a bowl, it's time to poof.
by EmperorKO February 17, 2003
a shortened form of poofda, or, aussie slang for faggot / homosextual.
Look at that frikken poof!
by moo. February 16, 2003
UK slang usually used to offend others, meaning someone of homosexual orientation
"Hey you ya bloody poof"
by Kidkoolio February 19, 2008
An acronym characterizing a person as a Pretty Outrageous Obvious Fag.
I was walking down the strret when i saw two Poofs walking in my direction.
by Kevin Wallace December 04, 2007
One that likes butt sex.
Steve likes to poof.
by cartman5000 August 09, 2004

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