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To be bad or not good in general or at something or a specific area. Right now is circling around South Florida.
"Boy ya ass is poof"

"You wanna play b-ball"
"Quit playing you know you poof"
by Lou.E January 14, 2010
A style of hairdo popular with women circa 2008/2009. Often seen in high fashion; imitated by many, pulled off by few.
"I invented the frickin' poof."
-Snookie, aka Nicole Polizzi, from Mtv's Jersey Shore
by plzblv January 07, 2010
some one who is a homo and is a wimp
commonly used by jonah from Summer Heights High
"mathah fukah you a poof"
"im not a poof sir i wont have sex with you"
by PUCK YOU WITH A P- POLY DAY January 01, 2010
A poof is the buldge that you see in between a girls legs when she is wearing a skirt, that is caused by faulty landscaping. she does not shave her pubes.
This chick at school had a tooooootal poof going on it was nasty! She has alot of dark hair so you know its nasty down there.
by tannor October 05, 2011
The fairy baby in The Fairly OddParents, introduced at the beginning of season 6 of the show, in the episode "Fairly Odd Baby". He is the son of Cosmo and Wanda. Frequently says "poof poof!"
Poof is the best character in The Fairly OddParents!
by stanstanstan June 30, 2014
a cute person, a playful way of calling someone a cutie.
you're such a poof, i love you so much
by mouse June 14, 2014
To figuratively knock someone head clean off their shoulders.

To punch someone with all your power.

To cause intensive harm or damage, preferably to the head.
This bitch had the nerve to give me these dirty looks. I stared that bitch down like I"ll "POOF!" Ya Shit.

If you play games with my money ima "POOF!" Ya Shit. (As to say: I'ma knock your fucking head off)
by Lena Diamond December 18, 2013